The Major and the Minor

directed by Billy Wilder
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1942
Date Added:04/24/2008
Date Watched:11/27/2005
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Major and the Minor

Review - Major and the Minor, The

Susan, a pretty, small-town Iowa girl has tried several jobs in the NYC. She finally settles on one giving scalp massages, but when her most recent customer, Albert Osborne, puts the moves on her, she gives up and heads back to Iowa. To her chagrin, she discovers she doesn’t have enough money. She dresses up as a 12-year-old girl and gets a child’s ticket. On the train, the conductors catch her smoking. She runs and hides from them in the compartment of Major Philip Kirby who has been to Washington to try to get active duty and is now returning to the military school where he teaches.

Kirby amazingly mistakes Susan as a child and allows her to stay in his compartment. Kirby’s fiancée Pamela meets the train and confronts Kirby with having a woman in his bed. She returns to the school and is about to have Kirby cashiered when he arrives with Susan and convinces everyone that she’s just a child. It’s three days until the next train, and Susan stays with Pamela’s young sister, Lucy. Lucy catches on to Susan immediately, but agrees not to reveal her secret if Susan will help Lucy break up Pamela and Kirby’s marriage (because she likes Kirby and knows that Pamela will prevent him from going on active duty). For three days, Susan is ushered around the campus by the students, all of them younger than her and all trying to win her heart.

There’s a ball, and Kirby finds himself strangely drawn to Susan. But when Osborne shows up to see his son who is a student, the gig is up. Pamela threatens Susan that she must leave immediately or she (Pamela) will destroy Kirby’s career. Susan goes back to the farm.

Thanks to Susan and Lucy’s machinations, Kirby has his active duty and Pamela dumps him. He stops at Susan’s farm on the way to his post. Susan disguises herself as her mother this time and tells him Susan isn’t there, but then she decides to go to the station and leave with Kirby.

Cute, and I like Ginger Rogers. It was amusing and fun to watch, but totally implausible. Kirby couldn’t possible mistaken Susan for 12 for more than a few minutes, but if he did, his crush on her was pretty sick. Then, when Susan shows up at the station, he accepts her no questions although he’s only known her for four days, during which she pretended to be 12.
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