directed by Robert Luketic
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:04/24/2008
Date Watched:01/11/2006
My Rating:4

Reviews for Monster-in-Law

Review - Monster-in-Law

Charlie meets Kevin, a surgeon, on the beach and they fall in love. But Kevin’s mother is a talk show hostess who just got fired and spent a stint in a mental hospital. She’s afraid of losing her son, so she tries to sabotage their relationship, first with a series of put-downs, then by moving in and acting like a lunatic, and finally by giving Charlie almonds when Viola knows she’s allergic.

Charlie catches on and fights back, but on the wedding day, with the battle in full swing, Charlie realizes she can’t live like this and decides to back out. But Viola’s own mother-in-law shows up and starts abusing Viola, making Viola realize what a jerk she is. She makes a deal with Charlie to stay out of the way and the wedding goes on.

A few cute moments, and I have no problem with Jennifer Lopez, but I can’t stand Jane Fonda in any manifestation. The plot device with Viola’s mother-in-law showing up was a trite easy way out. The character of Kevin was a oblivious wimp.
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