directed by Steven Spielberg
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1979
Date Added:04/25/2008
Date Watched:08/04/2005
My Rating:3

Reviews for 1941

Review - 1941

A supposedly-funny plot about the reactions of people in Southern California after Pearl Harbor. There’s General Stillwell who’s more interested in seeing Dumbo than hearing reports of supposed Japanese attacks. There’s a Japanese submarine commander who wants to bomb something in America to share the glory for Pearl Harbor buts gets lost and ends up bombing an amusement park. There Sgt. Tree and his tank crew who just drive around keeping Americans from fighting Americans. There’s some kid who doesn’t want to join the military and is focused on buying a zoot suit and dancing with his girl Macey who is pursued by one of Sgt. Tree’s crew. There’s Capt. Wild Bill Kelso who flies around in his plane drunk. There Capt. Birkhead who is trying to score with Donna Stratton who only gets turned on in a plane. When Birkhead finally gets her up in a trainer, Kelso shoots them down. There’s Hollis Wood who is captured by the Japanese and taken aboard their sub. There’s Macey’s father who destroys his own home trying to destroy the sub. It’s all very incoherent and silly with a lot of shouting and a lot of missed opportunities to actually be funny.
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