Once Upon a Time in the West

directed by Sergio Leone
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1968
Date Added:04/25/2008
Date Watched:11/17/2005
My Rating:5

Reviews for Once Upon a Time in the West

Review - Once Upon a Time in the West

McBain buys the only plot of land with water for 50 miles and plans to build a town where the train track is being built. Businessman Morton wants the land and sends his thug Frank to kill McBain and his family. McBain’s widow shows up later in the day. There’s a whole lot of standing around and so forth, but basically, a drifter who plays the harmonica is looking to kill Frank for the murder of his brother years before. A local gunman named Cheyenne, who was framed by Frank for McBain’s murder, joins with Harmonica to take the woman’s side. In the end, Harmonica gets Frank. Cheyenne and Morton kill each other and the Mrs. McBain gets the town.

It was a long, slow-paced and not-terribly exciting story punctuated by a lot of violence and Henry Fonda trying to look tough and not succeeding. Claudia Cardinale was pretty in her role, and Charles Bronson looked tough. Jason Robards looked like Jason Robards and wasn’t at all believable. I gave it a 5. It might have gotten a 6 if it had been an hour shorter.
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