The Stratton Story

directed by Sam Wood
Category: "Sports"
Year of Release:1949
Date Added:06/07/2008
Date Watched:06/06/2008
Description:Based on a true story but heavily fictionalized. Monty Stratton, a Texas farm boy, becomes a successful pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. After losing a leg in a hunting accident, he fights his way back and pitches in the minor leagues. James Stewart played Monty, and his chipper wife Ethel was played by June Allyson.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Stratton Story

Review - Stratton Story, The

I've seen this movie before, or it sure seemed like I have. Brave hero fights back from adversity with the help of his unfailingly-happy wife. It was corny, but that's to be expected. It's major defect was the total inability of Jimmy Stewart to look like a baseball player.
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