She's All That

directed by Robert Iscove
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1999
Date Added:06/20/2008
Date Watched:06/21/2003
My Rating:6

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Review - She's All That

Zach, the most popular boy is school, is dumped by his prom queen girlfriend, Taylor. Zach makes a bet with his friend Dean that he can turn any girl on campus into the prom queen. Dean picks Laney, an artist geek who is very reluctant to date Zach when he asks. But of course she does, and after Zach’s sister, Mackenzie gives her a makeover, she turns out to be a dish. Zach falls for her for real, and feels guilty. Then Dean decides he wants to sleep with Laney, so he tells her about Zach’s bet and asks Laney to the prom. Zach goes with his sister, but ends up dancing with Taylor. Dean makes his moves on Laney and is rebuffed. Zach finds out what Dean is up to and leaves the prom to find her. He tracks her down at home, and they dance together and kiss.

Totally cookie-cutter, with relatively appealing lead characters.
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