Stage Door Canteen

directed by Frank Borzage
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1943
Date Added:07/18/2008
Date Watched:11/21/2004
Description:Dakota (William Terry) and his Army buddies have three days leave before shipping off to the Pacific theater. He meets Eileen (Cheryl Walker), a volunteer at the Stage Door Canteen, a club established for service men so they can eat and dance and forget the war for a bit. Dakota and Eileen don't get along for the first two nights, but then hit it off and decide to get married, but Dakota ships off before they can.
My Rating:8

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Review - Stage Door Canteen

Pure war propaganda schmaltz, with famous stars popping in for cameos and performing a number or two. The fact that it was made during the war to promote patriotism makes it fascinating from a historical perspective.
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