Dances with Wolves

directed by Kevin Costner
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1990
Date Added:07/20/2008
Date Watched:07/20/2008
Description:Lt. John J. Dunbar (Dances with Wolves), an army officer abandoned on a remote western post, makes friends with wolves and a local tribe of Sioux. He falls in love with a white woman (Stands with a Fist) who was kidnapped as a child and raised as an Indian. When his post is reoccupied, Dunbar is arrested sent off for trial. The Indians attack and rescue him, killing all the soldiers. Dunbar knows the army will be looking for him, so he takes off with his wife. The movie ends with a note that 13 years later, the last roving band of Sioux surrenders.
My Rating:7

Reviews for Dances with Wolves

Review - Dances with Wolves

Beautiful, and interesting. I found all the characters compelling, but the "all Indians good, all Whites bad" plot running throughout got very annoying.

Editorial: What the Whites did to the Indians was cruel and sinful. But so was what the Indians were doing to each other and to the Whites. It's racial on the surface, but underneath, it's just sinful man without God on both sides. The idea that a group of people can invent their own culture and gods and that, somehow, this culture becomes a treasure worth retaining is ridiculous. Godless is godless, no matter what form it takes.
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