Two Rode Together

directed by John Ford
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1961
Date Added:07/22/2008
Date Watched:11/06/2005
My Rating:5

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Review - Two Rode Together

McCabe, lazy small-town marshall, more interested in lining his pockets than doing his job, is hired by the army to help retrieve captive white children from the Comanches. He’s picked because he’s done buisiness with the chief, Quanah Parker. His friend, First Lt. Jim Gary rides along with him. When they get to the camp, they find three whites, an old woman who doesn’t want to return, a teenage boy who has gone totally native, and Elena, a young woman who has been forced to marry a warrior. Gary takes the boy back to the fort where the relatives of lost children wait. McCabe and Elena camp out, waiting for Elena’s warrior to approach. When he walks right up the the campfire with a knife, McCabe shoots him.

Back at the fort, the relatives can’t figure out who the boy belongs to. Mrs. Partridge, disguised as Marty Purcell, a young girl looking for her brother, falls in love with Lt. Gary and they decide to get married. An older couple agree to take the boy, but when the woman unties the boy to let him eat, he kills her. The men in camp grab the boy and hang him. On his way to the hanging, the boy hears Marty’s music box and recognizes the song, but it’s too late for him and he’s hung.

Meanwhile, the women in the camp are ostracizing Elena because she allowed herself to be the bride of a Comanche instead of killing herself. McCabe scolds them and explains that suicide is against her religion. He takes her back to his town but discovers that there’s been an election and he’s no longer marshall. The woman who owns the bar, and who wanted to marry McCabe, insults Elena, and she decides to head for California. McCabe goes along with her.

Pretty lame, with a lot of plot holes. Why would Elena’s Comanche husband walk right up to the fire to be shot? Why was the character of Gary in the movie, and if in the movie, why played by Richard Widmark, who can’t act to save his life. The white actors who played the Comanches were awful, and I couldn’t get past Shirley Jones playing Mrs. Partridge. I gave it a 5, and that just because of some cute jokes by Jimmy Stewart’s character.
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