directed by Rob Cohen
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2002
Date Added:07/23/2008
Date Watched:08/09/2002
Description:Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is an outside-the-law extreme sport enthusiast who is recruited by the government as a spy to infiltrate a group of ex-Russian soldiers who are seeking anarchy by releasing weapons filled with biological agents. Cage joins the organization and connects with Yelena (Asia Argento) who turns out to be a Russian spy. They join up and manage to stop the submarine sent to destroy a city.
My Rating:6

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Review - xXx

Entertaining enough as long as I suspended all belief. For example, if this movie is to be believed, by accelerating quickly, you can make a motorcycle leave the ground and fly over walls and buildings of any height. The character of Yelena is far more interesting than Cage.
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