Young Frankenstein

directed by Mel Brooks
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1974
Date Added:07/23/2008
Date Watched:05/09/2005
My Rating:6

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Review - Young Frankenstein

Brain surgeon Frederick Frankenstein is told that he has inherited the castle and wealth of his grandfather. He travels to the castle and is met at the station by Igor and Inga, his assistants. That night, he is led to the secret laboratory of his grandfather and finds the notes on how he created his monster. Frederick determines to try to make his own. He and Igor get the large body of a criminal. Igor goes to a lab to get the brain of a famous scientist but drops the jar. Instead, he brings a brain marked “abnormal.” The monster is brought to life. Normal at first, it goes into a rage whenever it sees fire but is calmed by music. After several upsets, the townsfolk determine to kill the monster, but Frederick won’t give up. He performs another experiment in which he and the monster exchange some brain fluid. The monster is now intelligent and lives with Elizabeth, who was Frederick’s fiancée. Frederick marries Inga.

• From IMDB: The film was shot in the same castle and with the same props and lab equipment as the original Frankenstein (1931).
• Funny lines:
Igor: “Walk this way.”

Frederick: “Werewolf?”
Igor: “There wolf. There castle.”
Frederick: “Why are you talking like that?”
Igor: “I thought you wanted to.”

Frederick: “Whose brain did I put in?”
Igor: “Abby somebody.”
Frederick: “Abby who?”
Igor: “Abby Normal.”

I watched this movie several times years ago and always had a sneaking suspicion that I didn’t fully get the joke. At that time, I’d never seen the original Frankenstein. Now I have, and I get some of the references now, but I still didn’t think it was all that funny. There were some funny bits, like the lines quoted above. But much of it was just silly.
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