You Only Live Twice

directed by Lewis Gilbert
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1967
Date Added:07/23/2008
Date Watched:12/11/2011
Description:Blofeld is launching rockets to destroy Russian and American spaceships in hopes that the two countries will go to war. James Bond (Sean Connery) is sent to Japan, where the rockets are landing, to find him. He tracks Blofeld to his lair inside a volcano, and with an army of Japanese ninjas, manages to destroy the rocket, prevent the war and stop the bad guys.
My Rating:6

Reviews for You Only Live Twice

Review - You Only Live Twice

Not one that stands up to a lot of thinking. On several occasions, when Bond is in the clutches of the bad guys, they repeatedly let him live for a while, apparently just to have somebody to talk to, then decide to kill him after all just as a means of escape is handy. And it's hard to believe Russia and the U.S. would keep launching rockets if somebody is up in space capturing them. And Sean Connery as a Japanese man ... I don't think so.
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