Zathura: A Space Adventure

directed by Jon Favreau
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:07/23/2008
Date Watched:12/01/2005
My Rating:7

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Review - Zathura: A Space Adventure

When their dad goes out and leaves them home with their teenage sister Lisa (who’s asleep in her bedroom), two brothers, Walter (10) and Danny (6) quickly get bored and start fighting. Walter locks Danny in the basement where he finds an old space game called Zathura. Danny starts playing it and soon the two boys are fleeing a meteor shower. The look outside and find their home flying through space. As they continue, they are subjected to various dangers — an out-of-control robot, flesh-eating Zorgons, and the gravity pull of a giant sun. One of the game cards leaves Lisa cryogenically frozen for half the game. Another card brings them a stranded astronaut who helps them get rid of the Zorgons for a while. But they return and take the game aboard their ship. Danny sneaks down in the dumb-waiter and boards the Zorgon ship to retrieve it. Walter gets a wish-upon-a-star card and is advised by the astronaut not to wish his brother out of existence. The astronaut did this 15 years before when he played the game and has regretted it and missed his brother ever since. When Lisa gets unfrozen, she finds the astronaut attractive. But then Walter gets another wish and wishes the astronaut’s brother back.

This is the part that got a little weird. The astronaut’s brother turned out to be Danny and the astronaut was a grown up Walter. The two versions of the two brothers meld back together. Danny wins the game and everything resets the way it was. But now the brothers are friends and Lisa makes them promise never to mention the game to anyone.

It was well done and exciting, although as the movie neared the end, the game moves got a bit lame and new dangers didn’t seem very likely. Still, we all enjoyed it.
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