directed by Ben Stiller
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2001
Date Added:07/23/2008
Date Watched:10/17/2005
My Rating:3

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Review - Zoolander

An Asian prime minister has passed a minimum wage bill which will stop the slave-labor practices of the fashion industry. A group of industry insiders works with fashion designer Mugatu to have the prime minister killed. Meanwhile, top fashion model Derek Zoolander loses his model-of-the-year award to newcomer Hansel. Zoolander determines to quit modeling and go home, but he doesn’t fit in with the coal miners of his family. He’s ripe for exploitation, and Mugatu hires him as a model, then brainwashes him to kill the prime minister. Time magazine reporter Matilda Jeffries is investigating and finds out about the assassination plot. She warns Zoolander, and the two turn to Hansel for help and a place to hide. When the fashion show arrives, Zoolander’s brainwashing kicks in, but the plot is thwarted when Hansel and Matilda expose Mugatu. He tries to kill the prime minister himself, but is prevented by Zoolander.

This movie was recommended to me by a couple people lately. I evidently have some seriously challenged friends. It was not intended to be taken seriously, but it wasn’t even seriously funny with one exception. Early in the movie, three of Zoolander’s male model friends engage in a lighthearted gasoline fight while filling their car with gas. When one lights a cigarette, all three die. At the end of the movie, in front of Zoolander’s “Institute for Helping Kids Who Can’t Read Good,” there’s a fountain with statues of the three of them at the gas station, water splashing from their nozzles.

Review - Zoolander

Watched on the recommendation of an ex-friend.
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