Broken Flowers

directed by Jim Jarmusch
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2005
Date Added:08/06/2008
Date Watched:04/10/2006
My Rating:4

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Review - Broken Flowers

Why I saw it: I liked Lost in Translation and heard this was similar. It wasn’t.

Brief Synopsis: Computer businessman gets an anonymous letter from an old girlfriend informing him that he has a son and that the son might be looking for him. His current girlfriend, Sherry, walks out on him. His neighbor Winston convinces him to visit his old girlfriends and find out which one is the mother.

The first one, Laura, is a floozy who lives with a floozy daughter and sleeps with Don. The second one, Dora, is married and works in real estate. The third one talks with animals and is a lesbian. The last one is living with a motorcycle gang. When Don shows up, the gang beats him up and leaves him in a field. He goes home without knowing anything more about his son. Sherry might want to get back together and may have forged the original letter. Don sees a kid about the age of his supposed son and buys him a sandwich, but the kid thinks he’s weird and runs off. The movie ends with Don standing in the middle of the street.

What I liked about it: There was one funny scene in which Don’s next-door neighbor walked over to his house while talking to him on the cell phone, then told him (on the phone) to hold while he talked to him in person, then apologized to him (on the phone) for the interruption when he walked away. That was the only part worth seeing.

What I didn’t like about it: Everything else.
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