directed by Tony Gilroy
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:2009
Date Added:04/09/2009
Date Watched:04/09/2009
Description:Ray (Clive Owen) works for MI-6. Claire (Julia Roberts) words for the CIA. The meet and fall in love, but Claire ditches Ray after drugging him to get some documents he has. Several years later, they meet again and resume their love affair. The decide to work together to make a huge amount of money. They retire from their spy jobs and go to work in corporate espionage for rival companies. When Claire's company announces a fantastic new shampoo that will grow hair, Ray adn Claire work together to steal it for Ray's company — but really they keep the formula and try to sell it to a foreign firm. Ray's boss announces the new product. It turns out that Claire's boss faked the entire thing. There is no new shampoo. Ray and Claire end up with each other, but nothing else.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Duplicity

Review - Duplicity

Mildly amusing, but certainly not great. And it isn't the sort of movie you could ever enjoy as much with a second viewing. Julia Roberts hasn't aged well, which is true of many of us. But she's still trying to look like she did in Pretty Woman and it isn't working.
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