The Cowboy and the Lady

directed by H.C. Potter
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1938
Date Added:07/11/2009
Date Watched:07/11/2009
Description:Mary Smith (Merle Oberon) is a rich girl who is sent to Florida by her father. He's afraid that her visit to a gambling parlor with her uncle will ruin his chances of becoming President. Mary gets bored and goes on a blind date with her housekeepers. She meets Stretch Willoghby (Gary Cooper) and tells him she's a maid. On a whim, she follows him to Texas and they get married. She soon gets scared and heads back to Florida. Stretch follows and discovers who she really is. He tells her father's rich politician friends what he thinks of them and heads back to his ranch in Montana. Mary follows, with her uncle and her father, all of whom realize that Stretch is a much better man than any of their rich friends.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Cowboy and the Lady

Review - Cowboy and the Lady, The

Kinda cute, but not as funny as it thought it was. Gary Cooper was good except in the long scene where he's imagining life with Mary in his unfinished house.
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