Only You

directed by Norman Jewison
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1994
Date Added:08/24/2009
Date Watched:08/24/2009
Description:Faith heard from a fortune teller that she would find true love with a man named Damon Bradley. A week before her wedding to a boring podiatrist, she gets a call from a man named Damon Bradley saying that he can't make it to the wedding because he has to go to Italy. She drops everything and, with her best friend, goes to Italy. They think they've tracked Damon down, and Faith tells the man her story. They fall in love. Then he admits he's not Damon — he just said he was so she would stay with him. His real name is Peter (Robert Downey Jr. She gets angry and leaves. Peter shows up the next day and tells Faith that he's found the real Damon. They take off in pursuit. This Damon is a jerk, but they Faith finds out he's been paid by Peter to play Damon. She heads for home, but at the airport meets a guy whose name really is Damon Bradley. When she sees him, she realizes she loves Peter after all.
My Rating:5

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Review - Only You

Everything about this movie was stupid. That people can fall in love after two hours together. That a woman would ditch her fiance to pursue a stranger with a given name. That a guy would pay someone to be a jerk to the girl he loves so she would see he wasn't so bad ...
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