directed by Gregory Mackenzie
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2007
Date Added:10/12/2009
Date Watched:10/12/2009
Description:Silas (James Franco) is a thug who agrees to marry the sheriff's niece Camille (Sienna Miller). Silas plans on going to Niagara Falls for the honeymoon and ditching Camille in Canada — he can't stand the way she talks all the time. On the way, they get in an accident and Camille is killed. But she want to get to Niagara Falls so badly that she refuses to accept her fate. Silas agrees to take here there and, with the assistance of Cowboy Bob (David Carradine) they make it — pursued by the police who think he's killed Camille. At Niagara Falls, Camille accepts her death and disappears. Instead of escaping, James determines to find her. He's shot by the police, Camille rides up on one of Cowboy Bob's blue horses and they ride off together.
My Rating:5

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Review - Camille

Slow-moving and stupid. Sienna Miller in a bright red wig manages to be likeable and attractive, but there was nothing else to like about the movie, particularly Carradine's ridiculous Cowboy Bob character.
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