The Bank Dick

directed by Edward F. Cline
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1940
Date Added:10/27/2009
Date Watched:10/27/2009
Description:Egbert Souse (W.C. Fields) is a bumbling but shrewd drunk who is scorned by his family. When he accidentally captures a bank robber by tipping a bench over on him, he's offered a job as the bank detective. He soon talks his son-in-law into "borrowing" $500 from the bank to buy some worthless stocks. The bank examiner shows up, and Souse gets him drunk to delay his investigation. Another robber shows up, there's a long silly car chase and Souse ends up the hero. The bogus stocks end up making millions and Souse and his family live like kings.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Bank Dick

Review - Bank Dick, The

Slapstick. Clever at times, but silly throughout.
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