The Big Red One

directed by Samuel Fuller
Category: "War"
Year of Release:1980
Date Added:11/07/2009
Date Watched:11/07/2009
Description:Four G.I.s in the First Division (Mark Hamill, Robert Carradine, Bobby Di Cicco, Kelly Ward) and their sgt. (Lee Marvin) go together through WWII, from North Africa to Sicily to Europe. While hundreds of others around them die, they all manage to escape unscathed.
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Big Red One

Review - Big Red One, The

It seemed rather small-budget, but the concentration on the action for a single platoon actual made it easier to follow than is the case with many war movies. There wasn't really a plot apart from the war itself, and the four G.I.s were rather interchangable, but Lee Marvin as the Sgt. was good.
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