Bob le Flambeur

directed by Jean-Pierre Melville
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1956
Date Added:11/13/2009
Date Watched:11/13/2009
Description:Bob the High-Roller is a compulsive gambler who is down on his luck. He spends every night at one casino or another, but he's about out of money. He finds out about a huge stake that will be in the safe of a particular casino one night, so he brings in his protoge, Paolo and a bunch of other guys and plans a heist. Paolo tells his girlfriend, Anne, who blabs it around and soon the cops find out. Bob goes to the casino the night of the robbery, but soon gets on a hot winning streak and forgets all about the heist. The cops arrive just as his buddies do. In a shoot-out, Paolo is killed. Bob is arrested by the police chief who is his friend. As he's driven to the station, they talk and figure that with the money he just won, he can hire a lawyer who can keep him out of prison.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Bob le Flambeur

Review - Bob le Flambeur

Interesting — might have inspired Oceans 11. The ending was a bit flat. Paolo dies and Bob doesn't seem to care a bit. The black-and-white scenes of Paris were pretty cool. The movie was in French with English sub-titles.
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