The Blind Side

directed by John Lee Hancock
Category: "Sports"
Year of Release:2009
Date Added:12/04/2009
Date Watched:12/04/2009
Description:Loosely based on a true story. Michael Oher, a Black kid from the Memphis projects, finds himself almost-accidentally enrolled in a Christian school. He was failing miserably when the Tuohy family, solid Christians, take him in and make him part of their family. As Michael grew, he started playing football and soon became a phenom. He was recruited by many colleges but had to get his grades up to do it, which he finally managed. Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw play the Tuohys, and Bullock, in particular, is brilliant in the role of Leigh Anne.
My Rating:8

Reviews for The Blind Side

Review - Blind Side, The

Very inspiring throughout, particularly since it was based on a true story and the motivation was Christian love.
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