Girl Shy

directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1924
Date Added:12/20/2009
Date Watched:12/20/2009
Description:Harold Lloyd plays a shy young man who is afraid of women. He writes a book on how to get women. On his way to the city to give the manuscript to a publisher, he meets Mary, a rich young girl. They fall in love, but when Harold's book is rejected, he knows he has nothing to offer and turns Mary away. Then he finds out that the book will be published after all and he will be rich. He also finds out that Mary is about to marry a man who is already married. He makes a mad rush to the city, vis car, foot, trolley, horseback, motorcycle,etc. And arrives just in time to stop the wedding and win the girl.
My Rating:8

Reviews for Girl Shy

Review - Girl Shy

It starts out slowly, but the long mad-dash sequence was clever and funny and exciting. A very worth-watching movie.
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