Blast from the Past

directed by Hugh Wilson
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1999
Date Added:01/03/2010
Date Watched:01/03/2010
Description:In 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Calvin and Helen (Christopher Walking and Sissy Spacek) take refuge in their backyard fallout shelter. When a plane crashes into their house moments later, Calvin locks the doors with a time lock that can't be opened for 35 years. Meanwhile, their son Adam (Brandan Fraser) is born and grows up. The give him a complete education and school him in all the social graces. After 35 years, Calvin goes to the surface. His old neighborhood is now a sleazy part of L.A. He thinks the people are all mutants and determines to lock the family in for another 35 years. But first, Adam needs to go to the surface to get supplies and to find a wife. He runs into Eve (Alicia Silverstone) a cynical girl who agrees to help him gather supplies for a price. They fall in love, but when Adam reveals his past, Eve thinks he's nuts and tries to have him committed. Adam escapes and resupplies the shelter. He's about to head back underground when Eve finds him. They build a house in a remote area just like Calvin and Helen's old house. Adam brings his parents there and tries to orient them to modern life. He and Eve get married.
My Rating:5

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Review - Blast from the Past

There's a concept for a good movie here, but this wasn't it. Mostly it was dull.
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