Black Widow

directed by Nunnally Johnson
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1954
Date Added:01/03/2010
Date Watched:01/03/2010
Description:Nancy Ordway (Peggy Ann Garner) is a social climber who moves to NYC. She meets and dumps several people on her way to the top. She happens upon Peter Denver (Van Heflin), a broadway producer at a party given by actress Carlotta Marin (Ginger Rogers). She convinces Peter to let her write in his apartment overlooking Central Park. When Peter's wife Iris (Gene Tierney) returns from a trip, she finds Nancy dead in the apartment. The police discover the death was murder and try to pin it on Peter. He runs and goes about the city trying to find the truth. It turns out that Nancy was pregnant by Carlotta's husband, Brian. Carlotta found out and strangled Nancy in a fit of anger. The story was told, in part, in a series of flashbacks showing Nancy's plots to move up in the world.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Black Widow

Review - Black Widow

Overly-dramatic and rather silly. Nobody would have fallen for Nancy's story in real life. Van Heflin wandered through the movie in a daze except for one ridiculous out-of-character scene in which he attempts to strangle Nancy's roommate if she doens't give him the information he wants.Gene Tierney has nothing to do except be the mistreated wife.
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