A Man, a Woman and a Bank

directed by Noel Black
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1979
Date Added:01/07/2010
Date Watched:01/07/2010
Description:Reese (Donald Sutherland) and his buddy Norman (Paul Mazursky) plan to rob a new bank by tapping into its computer system while the building is under contruction. On the site to steal blueprints, Reese has his photo taken by Stacey (Brooke Adams). Reese goes to Stacey's apartment to get the negatives and he and Stacey fall for each other. The bank is completed. Reese makes plans to ship the money overseas to be laundered. He sees Stacey with her ex-boyfriend and thinks she's cheating. The heist goes as planned, but on the way to the docks to ship the boxes containing the money, Reese is stopped by police for a moving violation. He's forced to call Stacey to bail him out. She does, but then he brushes her off. He ships the boxes and dashes to the airport. Stacey sees the photo she took of Reese on a billboard and puts it all together. She dashes to the airport just in time to join him on the plane.
My Rating:6

Reviews for A Man, a Woman and a Bank

Review - A Man, a Woman and a Bank

A little 70s weird at times, and the Norman character was annoying, but otherwise it was amusing. Not great, but amusing.
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