The Great Bank Hoax

directed by Joseph Jacoby
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1978
Date Added:04/05/2010
Date Watched:04/06/2010
Description:A teller embezzles $100,000 from his bank, just to prove he could do it. He fully intends to pay the money back. The directors of the bank find out the money is missing and worry about how the town will react. They decide to stage a robbery to mask the embezzlement. Meanwhile, the teller confesses what he's done to the pastor — as does one of the directors. The pastor has his girlfriend convince the teller to split the money with them, but plans go awry. Just as the insurance man shows up to reimburse the directors for the total loss, the teller shows up and returns his half of the missing money.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Great Bank Hoax

Review - Great Bank Hoax, The

It could have been clever, but it misses somehow. The slow pace didn't do it any favors. Ned Beatty and Burgess Meredith play two of the bank directors.
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