The Great Bank Robbery

directed by Hy Averback
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1969
Date Added:04/06/2010
Date Watched:04/06/2010
Description:The bank in Friendly, Texas caters to outlaws. A group of Mexican bandits regularly attempts to rob it, but the security measures are too strong. Enter Rev. Blue (Zero Mostel) and his "congregation," led by Lyda (Kim Novak). They plan to tunnel in. Meanwhile, Texas Ranger Ben Quick (Clint Walker) leads a group trying to prevent the robbery. After a lot of chaos and stupidity, Rev. Blue gets away with the money and Quick ends up with Lyda.
My Rating:3

Reviews for The Great Bank Robbery

Review - Great Bank Robbery, The

So boring and silly that I fast-forwarded through the middle third of the movie.
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