Pal Joey

directed by George Sidney
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1957
Date Added:08/01/2010
Date Watched:08/02/2010
Description:Joey Evans (Frank Sinatra) is a womanizing night club singer who longs to open his own show. He meets the wealthy widow, Vera Simpson (Rita Hayworth) who falls for Joey and agrees to finance his club. But then she finds out that Joey is in love with Linda English (Kim Novak), one of the dance girls. Vera tries to get Joey to fire Linda, but when he refuses, she closes down the show. Joey and Linda head off together to look for work.
My Rating:5

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Review - Pal Joey

I didn't care much for the musical numbers. Sinatra and Hayworth's characters were tramps. Novak's character was likeable, but it makes no sense that she would fall for Joey. In all, a rather trashy movie.
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