Fun in Acapulco

directed by Hal B. Wallis
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1963
Date Added:08/12/2010
Date Watched:12/12/2014
Description:Mike Windgren (Elvis) is a trapeze artist who runs off to Mexico when an accident at the circus kills his brother. He takes a job as a life guard at a hotel pool with diving boards to try to get over his fear of heights so he can go back to America and perform again. Meanwhile, he meets a precocious orphan boy who acts as his agent and gets him singing gigs at all the hotels in town. Mike is also juggling two women — a female bull-fighter and a deposed European princess (Ursula Andress) whose father is now a chef. The princess is dating one of the Acapulco cliff divers. At the end of all this mess, Mike gets dumped by the bull-fighter because he's too cowardly to dive, then he beats up the cliff diver so he can't perform. He decides to take the guys place and jumps off the cliff and looks to be in line to marry the princess.
My Rating:3

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Review - Fun in Acapulco

So, in review, we have a trapeze artist/lounge singer, a deposed princess, an Acapulco cliff diver and a lady bull fighter. There's also an astronaut around somewhere, but I don't think we ever see him.

Wow. There is nothing to like about this mess. Elvis's songs were terrible. Ursula Andress can't act (and I find it difficult to believe anybody finds her attractive). There was no reason for the lady bullfighter to be in the movie. And then there's the precocious orphan kid who doesn't have parents but is apparently related to everybody else in town, yet is somehow free enough to take off with Mike at the end of the movie. And how does diving off a cliff help you get over dropping your brother to his death?
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