directed by George Sidney
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1952
Date Added:08/24/2010
Date Watched:08/25/2010
Description:Andre Moreau (Stewart Granger) is the illegitimate son of a French nobleman. When he sees his fried killed in a sword fight with the Marquis de Maynes (Mel Ferrer), he vows revenge. But first he has to learn how to fight. He hides out with a theater that features his on-again, off-again love Lenore (Eleanor Parker). Then Andre meets Aline (Janet Leigh) and falls in love with her. For much of the movie, he thinks she might be his sister. In the final duel at the end, Andre defeats de Maynes but can't bring himself to kill him. He is told that de Maynes is his brother — which means that Aline isn't his sister, so he runs off and marries her.
My Rating:7

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Review - Scaramouche

Pretty complicated, with a lot of overlooking of caste issues that would have made the plot impossible. But it was entertaining.
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