The Frisco Kid

directed by Robert Aldrich
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1979
Date Added:09/14/2010
Date Watched:09/15/2010
Description:Polish Rabbi Avram (Gene Wilder)is sent to San Franciso in 1850. When he gets to America, he is mugged. He tries to make his way acoss the country alone, but runs into all sorts of problems until me meets up with bank robber Tommy (Harrison Ford) who helps him. The deal with bad guys and Indians and other stuff and become close friends. Tommy goes with Avram to San Francisco and is his best man at his wedding to Rosalie (Penny Peyser)
My Rating:4

Reviews for The Frisco Kid

Review - Frisco Kid, The

A train wreck of a movie. I like Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder, but they were awful in this — overacting and stupid dialogue made it almost unwatchable.
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