Christmas in July

directed by Preston Sturges
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1940
Date Added:09/19/2010
Date Watched:09/20/2010
Description:Jimmy MacDonald (Dick Powell) doesn't want to marry Betty (Ellen Drew) because he's poor. But when he gets a telegram informing him he's won $25,000 in a coffee slogan company, life changes. His boss starts listening to him and gives him an office, he buys gifts for his family and friends and buys Betty a ring and a fur. But then his buddies at work admit that they sent the telegram as a joke. Jimmy has to tell everyone and almost gets fired. But Betty talks the boss into giving him a chance in his new position. And then he finds out he won the contest after all.
My Rating:6

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Review - Christmas in July

Light, silly and sorta cute. It does give a good picture of what life was like in 1940.
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