Cloak and Dagger

directed by Fritz Lang
Category: "War"
Year of Release:1946
Date Added:11/04/2010
Date Watched:11/05/2010
Description:Alvah Jesper (Gary Cooper) is an American physicist who is sent to Switzerland to talk with a German physicist who is defecting. When that female scientist is killed by the Nazis, Jesper heads for Italy to try to convince one of her collegues to defect. He meets Italian insurgent Gina (Lilli Palmer) and the two fall in love. Jesper spirits the scientist back to America, but Gina stays to fight. Jesper promises to come back for her after the war.
My Rating:7

Reviews for Cloak and Dagger

Review - Cloak and Dagger

Some good scenes, but Gary Cooper was unconvincing as a spy. He looked more like a happy cowboy. Lilli Palmer was pretty good as the Italian insurgent, but was a bit high-strung.
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