Conspiracy Theory

directed by Richard Donner
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1997
Date Added:11/10/2010
Date Watched:11/11/2010
Description:Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) is a cab driver who believes in every conspiracy theory ever devised. He insists on sharing them with Justice Department investigator Alice Sutton (Julia Roberts). Jerry shows up at her office with tales of being abducted and tortured. He tells her he escaped by biting a man's nose off. When a goverment agent, Dr. Jonas, with a bite on his nose shows up looking for Jerry, Alice begins wondering. She goes home with Jerry but before he can tell her anything, his apartment is attacked. The man with the bitten nose (Patrick Stewart) tells Alice about a mind-control experiment to program assassins and says that Jerry killed her father. When Jerry grabs her, she uses her phone to let Jonas know. But before Jonas and his men get to them, Jerry convinces Alice that he was sent to kill her father but didn't. In fact, the two were friends and after another assassin killed Alice's father, Jerry tried to protect her. Jerry is captured by Jonas, but Alice brings the police. She thinks Jerry is killed, but he isn't.
My Rating:7

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Review - Conspiracy Theory

The plot was more complicated than my review indicates, but it was funny and pretty good too. Julia Roberts was great as Alice. Gibson was great as crazy Jerry, but it rings a bit too close to reality to be very funny anymore.
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