directed by Robert Luketic
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2010
Date Added:11/11/2010
Date Watched:11/12/2010
Description:Jen (Katherine Heigl) is on vacation in France when she meets Spencer (Ashton Kutcher). The fall in love and get married. She doesn't realize that he's a hitman for a secret government agency who is in France to kill her father (Tom Selleck). Dad escapes. Spencer quits his job. Three years later, living in a quiet suburb, Spencer gets a message from the agency. He goes to meet his contact but finds him dead. Soon everybody from his neighborhood and job are trying to kill him. Turns out they all work for Jen's dad who thinks Spencer is trying to kill him again. Everything gets worked out and all live happily ever after.
My Rating:4

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Review - Killers

Just dumb. It tries to be a romantic action comedy and fails at all three levels. The worst part is how all these explosions, murders, car chases and shoot-outs in suburbia fail to attract a single cop for fireman.
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