Without Reservations

directed by Mervyn LeRoy
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1946
Date Added:12/08/2010
Date Watched:12/09/2010
Description:Kit Madden (Claudette Colbert) wrote a novel that has become a best-seller. She's on her way to Hollywood to work on the movie adaptation. On the train, she meets two Marines, Rusty Thomas (John Wayne) and Dink Watson (Don DeFore). She strikes up a friendship with them but hides her identity. She things Rusty would be a great person to play the hero in her movie, but soon the two of them are falling for each other. A serious of misadventures puts them in ridiculous circumstances, ending up with her in jail. When her producer springs her, the Marines find out who she really is. Rusty is mad and storms off but comes around in the end. Cary Grant, Dolores Moran, Jack Benny and a bunch of other lesser stars make cameo appearances.
My Rating:7

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Review - Without Reservations

I'm not a big fan of Claudette Colbert, but the movie was amusing.
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