Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number

directed by George Marshall
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1966
Date Added:12/15/2010
Date Watched:12/14/2010
Description:Tom Meade (Bob Hope) is a real estate agent with a lake cottage he can't sell. He calls his wife one day, and the operator accidentally puts him through to the hotel room of Didi (Elke Sommer), a movie star hiding out because she sick of all the roles she's had to play that feature her in a bathtub. Didi asks Tom to bring her some food. He offers to let her hide out at the cottage. Things get mixed up when Tom's wife decides she wants to spend the weekend with him there. Meanwhile, Didi has taken a sleeping pill. Tom carts her body around trying to keep it hidden from his wife. She eventually catches on and storms out. then Didi disappears. When her car is found at the bottom of the lake, Tom is arrested for murder. He escapes and steals a police car, not realizing that Didi is sleeping in the back seat. She pops out when the chase ends and all is well. The Meade's maid Lily (Phyllis Diller) knows what's going on and helps Tom.
My Rating:3

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Review - Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number

Totally stupid. The only part that was at all funny was, surprisingly, Phyllis Diller.
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