Grandma's Boy

directed by Fred C. Newmeyer
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1922
Date Added:02/04/2011
Date Watched:02/05/2011
Description:Harold Lloyd is a cowardly boy who is deputized against his will to catch a dangerous criminal. His grandma tells him a tale about his grandpa during the Civil War. He too was a coward until an old woman gave him a magic charm that made him invincible. His grandma gives Harold the charm and he sets out bravely and captures the bad guy and becomes the hero. Grandma then tells him the charm is a fake, but he now has the courage to beat up the town bully and win the girl.
My Rating:7

Reviews for Grandma's Boy

Review - Grandma's Boy

Clever. A bit slow at the beginning, but when we get to Grandpa in the war, things pick up.
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