The Black Cauldron

directed by Ted Berman and Richard Rich
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1985
Date Added:03/23/2011
Date Watched:03/22/2011
Description:Taron is the keeper of Hen Wen, a pig that can tell the future. Hen Wen is captured by the Evil Horned King who wants to find the Black Cauldron, a pot that will enable him to bring his skeleton army to life and rule the world. Taron goes after the pig and meets up with Eilonwy (a young princess), a minstrel and a strange furry creature named Gurgi. They rescue the pig and find the cauldron, but the Horned King grabs it and begins to build his army. Gurgi destroys the cauldron in the only way possible, but sacrificing himself by diving into it. The King is defeated, and Taron trades his magical sword to get Gurgi back alive. He and Eilonwy wander off into the sunset hand in hand.
My Rating:4

Reviews for The Black Cauldron

Review - Black Cauldron, The

Not only was it quite dark and occult for a kids' movie (it almost got an R rating), but it wasn't very interesting.
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