The Big Country

directed by William Wyler
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1958
Date Added:04/13/2011
Date Watched:04/13/2011
Description:James McKay (Gregory Peck), a wealthy ship captain , travels west to marry Patricia Terrell (Caroll Baker), a rancher's daughter he met in Baltimore. He runs into the Hannasseys, a rough bunch feuding with the Terrells over access to the river for their cattle. The river property is owned by schoolteacher Julie Maragon (Jean Simmons). When McKay refuses to defend himself, he is scorned by Mr. Terrell, his foreman Steve (Charleston Heston), and even Patricia. But McKay is no coward - he's just a man who won't fight without good cause. Before long he gets tired of Patricia's spoiled ways. He buys Julie's land for himself and tries, without success to end the feud by promising access to the river for both families. Terrell and Hennessey (Burl Ives) kill each other - their families give up the fight and McKay and Julie end up together.
My Rating:8

Reviews for The Big Country

Review - Big Country, The

A great study of a man who is brave enough not to fight without cause but who won't hesitate when the time comes. Peck is totally believable in the role.
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