Best Laid Plans

directed by Mike Barker
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1999
Date Added:05/15/2011
Date Watched:05/15/2011
Description:Nick (Alessandro Nivola), desperate to get money to leave his dreary life, joins with two buddies in a scheme to steal some drugs. Some toughs grab him and tell him to come up with the money in a week or else. He works out a scheme with his girlfriend Lissa (Reese Witherspoon) which involves her seducing Bryce, a rich friend, and stealing a valuable document. Bryce panics and locks up Lissa in the basement and calls Nick. Nick pretends to kill her and puts her in the trunk of his car. The toughs carjack the car, then demand more money for Lissa. But then Nick figures out there was no drug theft. One of the guys he worked with pretended to get the money they thought Nick received from his father's death. (He got nothing.). Nick and Lissa walk out of town together, beat up and broke.
My Rating:5

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Review - Best Laid Plans

Everybody in this movie was slimy and stupid.
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