The Book of Eli

directed by Allen and Albert Hughes
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2010
Date Added:06/24/2011
Date Watched:06/24/2011
Description:Eli (Denzel Washington) is walking west through a post-apocolyptic world carrying the last Bible in existence. He runs into Carnegie (Gary Oldham), who is the dictator of a town and wants the Bible. He sends Solara (Mila Kunis) to seduce Eli, but she escapes with him. The twonare chased and captured. Eli gives up the Bible to save Solara, but is shot. Solara escapes again, finds Eli and helps him to get to a community where knowledge is being gathered. Eli has memorized the whole Bible and stays alive long enough to recite it while someone writes it down.
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Book of Eli

Review - Book of Eli, The

A kinda good message mixed in with a lot of profanity and violence, and in the end, the Bible is just one of several important books.
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