directed by Lewis R. Foster
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:12/19/2011
Date Watched:12/19/2011
Description:Steve Singleton (John Payne) makes his living in the South Pacific with his schooner. In New Guinea, he meets Katherine Shelley (Rhonda Fleming), a girl on the run from her past. The two hit it off. Steve falls in with Jumbo Johnson (Forrest Tucker) who cons him into an illegal deal. Steve ends up in jail and Jumbo ends up with the schooner. When Steve gets out of jail, he meets up with Cecil and Sykes (Alan Mowbray and John Abbott), two characters in search of a lost shipment of gold. It turns out that a plane carrying Katherine crashed with the shipment. The three set off and meet up with Jumbo on the schooner, also in search of the gold. They rescue Katherine from head hunters and find the gold. Jumbo, Sykes and Cecil keep trying to double-cross each other. Cecil kills Sykes, then he and Jumbo are killed by the head-hunters. Steve ends up with his schooner, Katherine and a third of the gold.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Crosswinds

Review - Crosswinds

A typical B movie that moves fast and doesn't stand up to a lot of thought but keeps my attention throughout. The acting wasn't bad, although the production was seriously lacking in places. Like the alligators that appeared when the bad guys were in the water but never when the good guys were or the fact that every time there was an underwater scene, no matter where in the world they were, the same clump of rocks was visible.
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