The Wrong Arm of the Law

directed by Cliff Owen
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1963
Date Added:01/29/2012
Date Watched:01/29/2012
Description:A gang of thieves gets hold of some police uniforms and begins robbing other thieves led by gang leader. Pearly Gates (Peter Sellers). Gates doesn't realize that his girlfriend, Valerie (Nanette Newman) is in with the fake police. Gates joins up with the real police, led by Inspector Nosey (Lionel Jeffries) to trap them. They set up a fake armored van heist, but instead of catching the fake police, Gates and Nosey decide to take off with the loot. Valerie figures out what's going on and sneaks onto their get-away plane. But the real police have exchanged the money for fake bills, and the three end up in the South Pacific with no way home.
My Rating:7

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Review - Wrong Arm of the Law, The

Slapstick and silly, but amusing.
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