directed by Sam Mendes
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2012
Date Added:11/20/2012
Date Watched:11/20/2012
Description:James Bond (Daniel Craig) is shot by a fellow agent who was trying to hit a bad guy. M (Judi Dench) ordered the shot. Bond goes into retirement, but when he hears that MI-6 H.Q. was attacked and fellow agents are in danger, he returns to duty. The villain is Silva, an ex-agent who is after M for doing to him much what she did to Bond — allowing him to suffer for the greater good. Bond takes M to a remote hideout in Scotland. The bad guy attacks and they have it out. Bond gets the bad guy, but M is killed.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Skyfall

Review - Skyfall

I enjoyed it t times, but it wasn't my favorite. The bad guy was just creepy, not threatening. At least it didn't end with Bond and an army attacking the bad guy's army in a secret bunker. Well, on second thought, it kinda did, except that Bond only had an army of three for some reason. And how does Bond keep his job after kidnapping the head of British secret service, carting her off to the middle of nowhere without any backup and getting her killed? I'm glad to see Judi Dench gone from her role as M, I never cared for her in it.
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