Family Plot

directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1976
Date Added:01/07/2013
Date Watched:01/07/2013
Description:Hitchcock's last movie. Blanche Tyler (Barbara Harris), a fake medium, and her taxi driver boyfriend George Lumley (Bruce Dern) are trying to find a lost heir for one of Blanche's clients. They discover this heir, Arthur Adamson (William Devane) and his girlfriend, Fran (Karen Black) are a pair of criminals who kidnap people and then demand diamonds for ransom. Blanche is captured, but with George's help, manages to escape and capture the criminals.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Family Plot

Review - Family Plot

Not an awful plot, but the acting of Barbara Harris was so pointlessly loopy that it ruined the movie for me.
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