The Big Snit

directed by Richard Condie
List(s):"Fifty Greatest Cartoons"
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1985
Date Added:06/23/2014
Date Watched:06/27/2014
Description:NFB (National Film Board of Canada)

A couple are playing a game of Scrabble and begin fighting. She's upset because he watched Sawing for Teens and is always sawing the furniture. He's upset because she's constantly "shaking her eyes." The cat chews through the television wire, so they don't realize that worldwide nuclear war has begun. The two make up and open the front door of the house, only to be vaporized and find themselves in heaven. They don't realize what has happened and return to their Scrabble game.
My Rating:7

Reviews for The Big Snit

Review - Big Snit, The

Kinda cute and disturbing at the same time. I have the feeling that there's a deeper meaning in there somewhere, but I'm not grasping it.
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