Ali Baba Bunny

directed by Chuck Jones
List(s):"Fifty Greatest Cartoons"
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1957
Date Added:06/23/2014
Date Watched:12/17/2014
Description:Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny, accompanied by Daffy Duck, digs his way to the beach but ends up in the Middle East in a cave full of treasure. Daffy is greedy and wants it all, but has to contend with Hassan, the guard who wants to "chop him." He finally messes with a genie in a bottle who makes him tiny. He shows up on the beach where Bugs has just found a pearl in a clam. When the tiny Daffy sees the pearl, he grabs for it and Bugs closes the clam shell on him.
My Rating:7

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Review - Ali Baba Bunny

I bumped the rating up a point because of one line — Bugs is hiding in a bottle and when Hassan sees him, Bugs says, "I'm Genie, the light brown hare." Otherwise it was pretty typical Warner Bros. fare.
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